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Over the years I have had the huge pleasure of being involved with so many wonderful charities whether by appearing on fundraising shows, helping organise events or bringing along celebrity pals to help raise awareness for their fantastic causes. You name it, from singing at events to raise money for school play equipment, to hosting big money auctions at charity gala's and balls. I'm always amazed by the devotion and drive of the charity volunteers and love getting involved as much as I can.

Thanks to these events I have been humbled to play a small part in many charities fundraising efforts but three charities in particular have really taken hold and I would like to spotlight them here on my website.


Ever since being a child I have been involved with fundraising for Overgate Hospice in Halifax and in 2012 I was honoured to be invited to become an Ambassador for the Hospice, helping them raise much needed funds and awareness of the wonderful work the team does for those receiving end of life care.

During my time as Amabassador I have produced three large scale celebrity concerts and even brought celebrity pals to meet the staff and visit the patients.

For more information please visit

Overgate Hospice is Registered Charity No: 511619



I am Patron of a wonderful charity called My Mito Mission which was set up in 2017 to raise funds and awareness to help find a cure for a genetic condition called Mitochondrial Disease, which affects the body’s energy production. 

 The Mitochondria are the ‘battery packs’ in everyone’s cells. When they’re faulty, the body breaks down – especially the major organs which require most energy. The younger the onset of symptoms, the more serious, and life limiting, it tends to be.

For more information please visit -

My Mito Mission is Registered Charity No: 1176616



The arts have always been a huge part of my life so to be a trustee of the Ian Mitchell Trust has given me so much pleasure. The trust annually awards grants to young people under the age of 25, to help them develop their careers in the arts.

Over the years, as a team of trustees, we have been able to grant thousands of pounds to aspiring actors, dancers, writers and artists to help put them on the path to an arts based career.

The Ian Mitchell Memorial Trust is Registered Charity No: 519686


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